find historical stock prices

1. Go to Mergent Online from the Databases list on the Library home page.

2. Enter ticker symbol in the search box and select your company from the resulting drop-down list.

3. Click on the Equity Prices tab from the tab menu options and, then, select Report option, directly under the tabs on the left, to be able to download the historical stock prices as a Excel spreadsheet.

Note: If you want to create comparison charts, select Charts below the tab menu on the left instead of selecting Reports. On the charts page, scroll down to ‘Company Comparisons’ and type ticker symbol for company you want to compare.

4. Enter the time frame that you want in the Controls section by either typing the dates or selecting from the pop-up calendar. Then, select if you want the prices Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Click Refresh to display the results.

5. There is an Excel download option on the top right below the tabs.


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