Transfer Content from RefWorks to Zotero

At the end of this semester (May, 2024),  Library Learning Commons will be switching over from the RefWorks citation manager to Zotero. In order to access your citations and PDF attachments after this period, make sure that you export your citations and files to Zotero prior to the accounts ending.  Zotero is a free source manager.
For any questions about Zotero please see our guide to Zotero.


Transferring citations from RefWorks to Zotero (See separate instructions for transferring PDF attachments)
Please note that Zotero will not bring folders with it when you export your citations.  To save a folder you will need to export the citations one folder at a time. Then you can rename the folders. 

1. Login to RefWorks using your Emmanuel username.

2. Click on Share  button on the top menu and click on Export References. Select the Bibtext or RIS format.


Select the share button


3. After you have opened the Zotero desktop app on your computer, open the Bibtext or RIS file that you just downloaded by either clicking on download arrow that pops up on your web browser or going directly to your download folder.


Click on the download arrow


4. You will be prompted to import to Zotero. Select OK to import. Your files will then be ready in Zotero

Screenshot - Prompt to import


Note: If your browser may not give you this option, manually import the Bibtext or RIS file

1. Open the Zotero desktop app. Select the Bibtext or RIS file from RefWorks. (They may have gone to your download folder).

2. In Zotero select File then Import.

Select 'File' then 'Import'

3.  Select the Bibtext or RIS file to upload your content into Zotero.

Transferring PDF attachments from RefWorks to Zotero
Note: You will need to individually download files from RefWorks and then upload them to Zotero.

To identify citations in RefWorks that have PDF attachments, click on Advanced Search select Attachment (PDF) and then True to only see  your citations with PDFs. 

Bringing over a PDF

If you have any questions about saving files, or require assistance, please feel free to Ask a Librarian

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