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Search the Catalog for information about print and electronic books available at Emmanuel College and the other Fenway Library Organization (FLO). You will also find DVDs and CDs through the catalog.
Use the Basic Search (available on the library home page) when you know the title or author, or are using a simple keyword.

  • In a Title search, omit the initial article (e.g., A, An, The).
    For example: Sound and the fury rather than The sound and the fury
  • In an Author search, enter the author’s last name and then first name.
    For example: Shakespeare, William

Use a Keyword (Advanced) Search (access through the link on the Library home page) to broaden and/or limit your results.

  • For topics that involve more than one concept, enter search terms for each concept in a separate textbox. The default setting will search for any of these within one box.
  • Specify the field to search within (e.g., Author). The default option, Keyword anywhere, searches for your term within the author, the title, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and any notes in the item’s record.
  • Use truncation to find results that contain a partial form of your term. Example: genet? retrieves results that contain “genetic,” “genetics,” “genetically,” and so on.
  • If typing a phrase (such as “art therapy”) in one textbox, change the search from any of these to as a phrase

If you have entered terms in more than one textbox, consider how they are connected. The default setting (AND) requires that a term or phrase from each box be present in your results. Adding terms or phrases separated by AND limits your results. Selecting other options (ORNOT) will affect your results.

  • OR finds items that contain terms from either textbox (or from both), broadening your results.
  • NOT excludes any results that contain terms from the second textbox of the pair.

Example: (cellular NOT phone) will omit results about cellular phones.


Catalog search
Check the availability and locations of items in your results list; the location will tell you if the item is at Emmanuel College or another FLO library, and where the item is shelved (e.g., Main Stacks or Reference).
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